About Us

Bondus Conventions is India’s largest Events & Seminars company, which are organized annually for the various fields like Educational Seminars, Entertainment Events, Entrepreneur Meetups, Corporate Events and also in the field of social work specifically related to Students. We are also Delhi’s largest school focused events and seminar company. We manage annual function, Fest & other events of school & college. We are also the largest smart class provider for schools in Delhi. We have a strong network of 100+ schools and proudly counting.

Bondus Conventions successfully completed many events in India including-*CAP-2017, CYCLOTHON, EKEKA MARATHON-2016, BONDUS JOB FAIR, ENTREPRENEUR TALK SHOW-2017, POOL FEST-2016 & Much More.*
In this compony Our dedicated team believe in future possibilities.
*We don’t believe in ideas becoz we believe in making ideas happen.*
Our business has a large group of innovative & skilled team.Knowledge, Opportunity, Network and Success are  our compony’s key ingredients.

Stage of Bondus Conventions give acknowledgments to achievers as well as it helps in critical thinking through conferences which address current issues going in different industries, overcoming the barriers both in the industry and in the working environment, thought sharing by different industry pioneers with their real life examples and furthermore it provide tools and learning through which one can endeavor towards excellence.